With strong technological support, well managed resources and highly trained employees, IFMR Rural Channels and Services Private Limited (IRCS) offers a plethora of services adopting the ‘Wealth Management Approach’ through its unique branch-based KGFS Model in remote rural areas of the country. Since the resources offering the services are the people within the same community, the brand has successfully established a strong connection with the local population. IRCS’ success in delivering financial services to even the most remote rural areas is underpinned by sophisticated technology including a Customer Management System (CMS), Core Banking Solution (CBS), biometric verification process, and Centralised Audit System. To maximise the financial well-being of every individual and every enterprise – this is the dream that IRCS is chasing; its services are aimed at achieving this goal.

Today, IRCS is also implementing the KGFS model across India and has made great strides towards maximising the financial well-being of the rural population across the country. With the expertise and confidence cultivated with this KGFS experience, IRCS is looking forward to expanding its horizons and bringing the KGFS model to more of those in need across India.

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