All operations of KGFS entities are guided by ten non-negotiable principles:

1. We meet the customers where they are, without judgment. We serve all with no prejudice of caste, income, creed and culture.

KGFS entities serve all customers in their geographical area, irrespective of their economic, social or religious status. No preconception is made about the potential for economic growth of any customer. The underlying belief is that the right kind of financial planning supported by appropriate financial products can enhance the wellbeing of any individual, household or enterprise.

2. We are customer-centric: Awareness, availability, affordability, accessibility and continuity are our strengths.

KGFS entities are proactive providers of financial products and services. Through detailed understanding of customer requirements, they provide appropriate products, at affordable prices, at the customer’s village, through permanent brick-and-mortar branches.

3. We treat our customers and each other with respect and dignity.

All KGFS relationships are based on respect. All customers get equal attention and within the KGFS organisation, all roles are given equal importance.

4. We believe that access to financial tools creates the ability to take action.

Well-designed financial products and well-functioning financial markets enable movement of resources across time, through borrowings, savings and investments; and movement of resources across states, through insurance and derivatives. The KGFS model is based on the belief that when these two central features of finance combine with the innate desire of people to improve their lives and the lives of their children, the result can be deeply transformative.

5. We are committed to acquiring expertise and staying with the language of finance.

KGFS branches are at remote rural locations facing myriad development challenges. In this complex situation, KGFS addresses the challenge of providing affordable, easily available and customised financial products and services. KGFS is tightly focused on this activity, gaining insights continually from experience and research.

6. We get into a geography and stay until the mission is accomplished.

Every KGFS is a mission-driven, geography-specific local finance institution (LFI) that will serve its customers till the goal of ensuring wellbeing of all households and enterprises are met.

7. We understand that profitability is key to our success.

KGFS is a business model, driven by parameters of operational self-sufficiency, viability and profitability for sustainable horizontal and vertical growth.

8. We serve with urgency—every day passed without providing a service is a missed opportunity forever.

KGFS is a speed-driven response to the huge demand-supply gap in provision of complete financial services in remote rural India—a gap that leads to millions of families making bad, potentially debilitating financial decisions every day.

9. We will exceed our expectations through constant innovation and continual improvement.

KGFS is continuously evolving in response to new geographical and market challenges, emerging market forces and opportunities, and learning from experience.

10. We firmly believe in meritocracy.

Commitment to the mission, sincerity, adherence to the above guiding principles and ability to learn constantly—these and no other attributes contribute to vertical growth of KGFS team members.