IFMR Rural Channels - Categories of products offered under KGFS

The KGFS model rests on a multi-product offering approach that caters to the complete array of financial needs of a household. It stems from the conviction that “access to finance” cannot be defined as mere provision of credit but needs to entail a comprehensive offering under the PGPD framework. This approach brings in ‘economies of scope’ thereby allowing the entity to take a portfolio view of the household vis-a-vis per-product view. Extensive in-house product development is carried out to ensure that the product bouquet keeps expanding and the client requirements are adequately met.

KGFS provides many of these products by acting as an agent for bigger financial institutions.

A list of products currently offered are as follows :


JLG Loan

Jewel Loan

Salary Loan

Crop Loan

Education Loan

Micro-Enterprise Loan

Emergency Loan

Personal Loan

Livestock Loan


Personal Accident Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Livestock Insurance

Shop and Content Insurance

Weather Insurance*

Health Insurance*

Crop Insurance*


National Pension Scheme (NPS Lite)

Savings Bank A/c

FD & RD*

Index Fund*

Gold Fund*

Liquid Fund*




* - Proposed products or products in pilot stage